Workforce Management Done Right: How to Support Your Reservists

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Workforce Management Done Right: How to Support Your Reservists

The UK currently has over 30,400 volunteer reservists serving in the armed forces, representing nearly a quarter of the entire British Army.

Trying to establish your brand as a veteran-friendly employer? You mustn’t overlook this essential part of the military population.

Proactive efforts to support veteran talent are a litmus test for an inclusive employer. Here’s how to better cater to the needs of your reservist population (and build a stronger employer brand in the process).

Sign the Armed Forces Covenant

If you want top veteran talent to know you’re serious about supporting them, signing the Armed Forces Covenant (AFC) is a perfect place to start.

The AFC is ‘a promise by the nation ensuring that those who are serving or who have served in the Army, and their families, are treated fairly.’ Signing it is a commitment to building a more inclusive working future for members of the armed forces everywhere.

Ex-Military Careers is proud to have signed the AFC back in 2014 – it’s since proven to be an invaluable demonstration of our commitment to our goal: Bridging the gap between the military and a fulfilling civilian career.

The AFC is a widely recognised authentication of a business’s commitment to its veteran community, and signing it tends to resonate with those in the reservist community.

Create a Comprehensive Armed Forces Policy

A one-size-fits-all approach to policy building will always fall short of the mark. Instead, target your policies to appeal to the unique needs of your reservist population. If you don’t yet have any reservists onboard, developing inclusive policies will likely help you attract them.

For example, developing a special leave policy for reservists (and spouses/partners of reservists) ensures that you can support your employees with their potential deployment and annual training commitments while minimising disruption to your business.

Plus, the UK government offers financial support for employers who pay reservists on special leave or deployment. You can find out more here:

The more tailored your policy, the easier it will be to create inclusive, growth-enabled environments for your people. Making the transition to a new workplace is tough –why not show your potential candidates that you’ve got the means and the governance to support them?

Establish Employee Engagement Groups

Employee Engagement Groups (EEGs), or as they’re sometimes known, Employee Resource Groups, are great platforms for your people to build a sense of community at work.

Led by your employees, for your employees, EEGs can help foster stronger internal connections based on a shared experience, in this case, the armed forces.

At Ex-Military Careers, our veteran-focused EEG is called the friendly forces network. We established it to give our veteran population the space to explore ideas, share their experiences, and work together on suggesting policy improvements.

Talks from External Speakers

It’s easy to misunderstand the reservist experience if you don’t have insight into military life. To build a truly inclusive culture, you’ll need to make sure everyone is on the right wavelength.

Inviting external speakers to the office is a great way to both show your commitment to supporting your reservists and also your desire to raise awareness amongst your wider workforce.

Support from Ex-Military Careers

If you’re hoping to hire top military talent, then we’re here to help. Ex-Military Careers is part of Trinnovo Group, a community-led recruitment and advisory firm on a mission to build diversity, create inclusion, and encourage workplace innovation.

We’re equipped to identify, attract, and help you retain world-class talent, even in a talent-short market. Reservists and ex-military personnel exhibit unparalleled loyalty, adaptability, compassion, and strength of character – they’re a great fit for any employer, and it’s worth seeking them out.

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