A strategic networking plan is essential to your resettlement success!

Here are some ex-military resettlement networking tips to guide you through.

The people that you know can help you find a job! Studies have shown that most people searching for employment find their Job through networking.

  • Speak out; let people know that you are looking for work immediately. Contact your friends, friends of friends, family members and colleagues to discuss your options, generate further career choices, help in decision-making, assess your transferable skills, find job leads, shape up your CV, rehearse for interviews, gain access to role models and mentors and receive emotional support.
  • Attend job fairs and other work related events, search through classified ads and newspapers, read industry publications and newsletters and join relevant internet communities. As you do all of these your network will start to expand.
  • Begin by formulating your networking plan. In the first instance create a list of 50 or more people you could consider for networking purposes e.g. Friends, relatives, neighbours, employers, ex members of the forces, social acquaintances, trade associations and institute contacts. You can compile a heavy list if you about it.
  • Once you have compiled your list prioritize each contact by what they know and how they could help you.  In doing this you are being resourceful and that is one of your many transferable skills.

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