Employment Tips

Transitioning from the Military to Civilian Life can be seen as quite a scary prospect.

Primarily...you want to be happy right? You want a successful career right? It’s one thing to secure a Job to make ends meet and pay the bills but in the long run ideally we all want a Job that we enjoy doing and that we are good at. You loved your role in the Military, that is why were you were there. Your career fulfilment does not have to stop there.

Our advice at Ex-Military Careers begins here…

Find a Career that Interests you

Start your new Career path by asking yourself these questions

  • What kind of work best suits my individual skills and gives me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment?
  • What type of employment is steady and lasting?
  • What type of company or corporations do I want to work for?
  • It is important that I am surrounded by likeminded co-workers?
  • Is rate of pay of great importance to me?
  • Do I want or need to be well managed and supervised?
  • Hours of work, does it give me the balance that I want?
  • What Benefits? Retirement, Health?
  • What are the stress levels?
  • Is it the right environment for me to better myself?


Once you have asked yourself these questions it will enable you to make further choices that are right for you.

Our advice includes