Newsletter 17th July 2020

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This week the Office for Veterans’ Affairs has announced that Parliament approved veterans question in next Census. Former Armed Forces personnel will for the first time be able to identify themselves as veterans in the next Census, following new legislation passed today. More can be read on this story by clicking this LINK.

More Good news with Captain Sir Tom Moore receiving his knighthood from the Queen in his own personal ceremony today.

Over the last few weeks we have been helping numerous of people transition from the Armed Forces and by far the most popular question we get is “What can I do after leaving the Army, RAF or Navy?” This is difficult question to answer because we don’t know what you would like to do or enjoy doing. The best advice we can give on this subject is take the time to think about what sector you would like to get into and will you thrive and achieve your goals in that. If you enjoy working with your hands and being physically active, then sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day isn’t going to work for you and will just make you unhappy.  

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