Weekly Newsletter 4th December 2020

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Hi All, 

We hope that you have had a great week. 

This week we wanted to talk about job research and the importance of it. 

Once you have your sights set on the new career path, you will need to do your Job research. Fully investigate what will be required of you in the role. Ask yourself if you already have the right transferable skills or do you need further Education in a certain area?

Retraining or undertaking courses for Ex-Military personnel can be a huge advantage to you and help progress your career upon leaving the forces.

It can also allow you valuable time to get your bearings and plant your feet. It can give you time to fully embrace your new career path and grow in confidence in your chosen field.

Research the role at libraries, bookshops and the internet be sure to fully utilise your time. Ask your network if they know of any people that are working in your field.  Slowly start to build a network targeted to this specific area of expertise and track your networking activity being sure to make a record of all valuable contact names.

Prepare your personal pitch, CV and covering letter. Remember to sell yourself, ensuring that you are  highlighting all of your transferable skills.

You are an asset to any employer so DON’T SELL YOURSELF SHORT! YOU ARE EX-MILITARY!

And FINALLY, make the networking call. Don’t ever directly ask for a Job but ask for opinions, advice and most importantly REFERRALS to suitable employers.

If you think you may need a mentor for some career advice, interview tips or help with your CV. We have mentors standing by to assit you.


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