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The communications officer has a key role to play in both planning and delivering communications to our key stakeholders – beneficiaries, government departments, charities and corporate organisations. 

Posted on Tuesday Jan 30



We are currently hiring for a social media and content manager.

Posted on Monday Dec 11

Starting a new career after you leave the military can be a huge change. The military is an extremely structured entity, and unlike most industries nowadays, they provide all the key training that you need. All you need to do is sign up. You don’t need to tailor your resume, go to interviews, and you certainly didn’t need to do unpaid training schemes or internships so that you can get an entry-level position. Now that you are no longer in the military, however, adjusting can be difficult. Thankfully, you have a lot of key skills and talents that will make you extremely hirable, if you only know how to market yourself correctly. 

Posted on Monday Dec 11

Are you a member of the armed services and are leaving your military job in the near future?  Maybe you are already out of the military and looking for a rewarding career in the civilian world?  If so, you have come to the right place.  Today, we are going to learn how getting your project and program management degree can greatly benefit your future.  Below we will discuss the benefits of this degree and what it can mean for you.  

Posted on Monday Nov 20

It isn’t always easy making the transition from the military to civilian life. In fact, sometimes it’s the most difficult thing you’ve ever been asked to do. Not only will you be reuniting with friends and family, but you will now be looking for work, which will often feel alien to you unless you can use your military skills in the workplace. For this reason, many ex-military men and women use this time of transition to further their education. Whether you jump right back into the workforce or take that transitory time, here are some perfect matches you may wish to consider.

Posted on Monday Nov 20

If you are currently looking for employment, it is likely that your finances are extremely important to you. Being in a strong financial position will help you to navigate life until you find a steady job. That is why you need to be extremely careful about how you are spending your money. If you are looking for direction, you will need to read on. Below are four ways that you can invest your money in order to appeal to potential employers.

Posted on Thursday Oct 19

Starting a Business after Leaving the Military

It can be very difficult transitioning from the military to civilian life and many veterans struggle holding down non-military jobs. For many of these veterans, starting their own business gives back a sense of control and, more importantly, assists psychologically by making veterans feel that they are still useful with skills to offer. If you think this sounds like you then read on for some words of advice gleaned from those who have already embarked on this road.

Posted on Monday Jun 12

Technological Skills for an Ex-Military Career

If you have been serving in the military, you would have had some of the best training in the world. You would also have skills that can carry you through life and help you with your chosen career after the military. Even the top jobs such as being the new senior director for Africa are being offered to ex-service personnel. 

Posted on Monday May 15

6 Jobs to Consider After a Military Career

The military will undoubtedly have helped you to develop a range of skills, such as leadership, attention to detail and teamwork, which are transferrable to almost any workplace environment.

Posted on Tuesday Apr 25

Great Career Choices for Ex Military Personnel

Ex-military personnel are equipped with the skills to perform a wide range of jobs. The rigorous training they undergo makes them one of the best employees in the world. Other than the skills, they are also trained to have high emotional intelligence. Ask any human resources managers and they will tell you that EI is the rarest quality among ordinary employees at the workplace. Therefore, ex-military men seem to have the entire package to make the best employees on earth. Here are the most viable careers for ex-military personnel.

Posted on Tuesday Feb 7

5. Online Career Opportunities You Should Consider

If you're unsure about what career path to take next, the internet could come to your rescue. Thanks to the net, it's never been as easy to start working for other people online or to set up your own online venture. Like any new endeavor, it won't be plain sailing at first, but turning to the internet to start your new career could be life changing. It could also provide you with an enjoyable, lucrative new career that gives you the lifestyle you've always wanted.

Posted on Tuesday Feb 7

Hiring someone for a marketing job can be tough. The idea of marketing is so vague that it fits pretty much every activity a company engages in under one big umbrella. Nevertheless, there are questions you can ask a potential candidate for a marketing position that will allow you to figure out what their idea of marketing is. Let’s take a look at five questions you should ask when hiring a marketing job candidate.

Posted on Sunday Jan 22

Why Online Study Is Great for Veterans

Posted on Wednesday Jan 4

Learn to Trade Financial Markets with Knightsbridge Trading Academy

Posted on Saturday Dec 31

How to Save on Your Income Tax

Posted on Tuesday Dec 20

Why Taking an Online Course Can Help Boost Your Post-Service Career

Posted on Sunday Oct 30

Why Healthcare is a Great Career Choice for Veterans

Posted on Sunday Oct 30

Why Studying for an MBA Is a Great Choice for Veterans

Posted on Monday Oct 24

Tech Tools to Help Wounded Warriors Overcome Physical Disabilities

Posted on Friday Aug 26

Joining the Police Force After Leaving the Militar

Posted on Monday Aug 22

Courses You Can Take to Improve Your Employability After Leaving the Military

Posted on Friday Jun 24

Medical Careers You May Not Have Considered

Posted on Tuesday May 31

Job Description: Roofing

Posted on Wednesday May 25

Business Start-up Guide – A Guide for New Businesses

Posted on Monday Mar 28

Starting Your Own Business: Things to Consider

Posted on Wednesday Mar 16

Why Blogging is a Powerful Tool for Ex-Military Personnel

Posted on Wednesday Mar 16

Things to Consider When Starting a New Business

Posted on Thursday Feb 25

Advice for Veterans Looking to Work Online

Posted on Tuesday Feb 16

4 Ways to Cut Expenses When Job Seeking

Posted on Tuesday Feb 16

Why Training is Important When Looking for a Civilian Job

Posted on Monday Feb 15

How to Ensure Your New Business is a Success

Posted on Friday Jan 29

Things to Consider When Starting Your Own Business as a Veteran 

Posted on Wednesday Jan 27

Three Tips for Returning to Study as a Veteran

Posted on Thursday Jan 21

Pointers for HR When Evaluating Ex-Military Recruits

Posted on Wednesday Jan 13

Imagine you have a chance encounter with someone important from a company you really want to work for. Or you are at a networking event and you meet someone from a company that is known to hire people like you.

Posted on Friday Dec 11

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine asked me to him out with his application for a forklift driver post at well-known food processing plant

Posted on Wednesday Nov 18

Men with Military Experience wanted for major new feature film shooting in the New Year

Posted on Thursday Nov 5

It is a universal truth that you will get to understand a lot more about the past that you have lived through, than you did when you were living it.

Posted on Monday Oct 26

We all know people who have a tendency to blame everyone else for their shortcomings in life. Parents, the bullies at school, teachers, military instructors, the chain of command, someone else

Posted on Sunday Oct 18

We are hiring! 

Posted on Sunday Aug 9

Ex-MilitaryCareers.com has been announced as a finalist for The Social Enterprise of the Year category at The National Business Awards 2015.

Posted on Thursday Jul 23
Posted on Sunday May 31

Busy times ahead, our Q1 newsletter 

Posted on Sunday Mar 8

Casting call for a new Channel 4 TV show!

Posted on Sunday Feb 15

Merry Christmas! It has been a fantastic rollercoaster of events since we launched our job board ex-militarycareers.com in July. 

Posted on Tuesday Dec 23

A positive climax to 2014 as Ex-Military Careers announce new Partnership with RBLI and recap on their Year.

Posted on Thursday Dec 18

Ex-Military Careers amongst distinguished group at  Royal Reception.

Posted on Tuesday Nov 18

Recruitment Technology Software Provider ‘Recruitive’ partners with Ex-Military Careers.

Posted on Friday Nov 7

Resettlement – The  5 Elements

Posted on Friday Sep 12

Ex-Military Careers are proud to announce their equitable transition to Social Enterprise status.

Posted on Wednesday Sep 10

'Ex-Military Careers' proudly announce the launch of their new, free to use Jobs Board.

Posted on Tuesday Jul 15

We are pleased to annouce the launch of our new website, dedicated to training and recruitment needs of ex servicemen and women...

Posted on Friday Jul 4

Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services the MOD's Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC) is an initiative to promote lifelong learning amongst members of the Armed Forces...

Posted on Tuesday Jul 1

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